“I cannot say enough good things about HomeCare Dentists, Dr. Caputo and her staff. This is a wonderful business that does excellent work for people who cannot physically go to a regular dental office. Dr. Caputo is a very professional woman whom I feel is an excellent dentist. Her work and evaluation of situations is beyond reproach. She works quickly and always keeps the patients comfort level in mind.

She and her staff are always pleasant. Whenever I call to report a dental problem Dr. Caputo’s response time is very short. Several extensive dental procedures have been completed quickly. Claims are processed in a timely fashion and we even received a refund check for metals that were extracted. Dr. Caputo charges a fair price for her work and I have been extremely happy and appreciative of her.

I highly recommend HomeCare Dentists!”

Diane Martyn

“We are so pleased we discovered Homecare Dentists!  Our mom (now 92) had taken such good care of her teeth all of her life but as she became disabled it was impossible to continue with her former dentist.  My sister saw the Homecare Dentists vehicle signage and we gave them a try. Problem solved!

Homecare Dentists has been just wonderful. Our mom lives in a Board and Care facility where they bring their complete portable dentist office right to her room!  Dr. Caputo and all of her staff really have a heart for the elderly and all their patients.  They are so gentle and caring.  

If you need a dentist to come to your home, we recommend Homecare Dentists without question.”

Pamela Capodicci and Family

“The work was done promptly, efficiently and very professionally and I was very pleased.”

M Kidd

“We are so pleased to have dentists who bring treatment into our facility. Many of our residents cannot go off-site for dental procedures without experiencing further disorientation.

Thank you, HomeCare!”

Facility Testimonial

“I don’t know what we would do without you folks stepping up to help like this.”

Tom O’Loughlin
Newport Beach, CA

“My sister Marguerite is very sensitive to healthcare. She required dental work – which concerned her. The dentist and her assistant approached Marguerite in a very professional manner; in a very few moments, Marguerite was relaxed and accepted the necessary treatment.

It was through the careful assessment of the dentist and her assistant that they gained Marguerite’s confidence. It was a perfect “dentist day” for Marguerite.”

Wick Lobo