Bridges Vs: Crowns: What’s Right for You?

If you have experienced tooth loss, many innovative prosthetics are available, including dental bridges and crowns.

Whether you need a partial replacement for a tooth or a complete replacement for one or more teeth, a wide variety of tooth restorations are available for all types of tooth damage or loss. Here is how to discover whether dental crowns or bridges are ideal for you.

The Similarities Between Bridges and Crowns

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Dental bridges and crowns share the function of making damaged or missing teeth whole. An incomplete smile often brings people’s confidence down and makes chewing difficult.

To fix tooth decay or loss, your dentist will examine your teeth to create a bridge or crown that matches the rest of your teeth. With the right custom-made bridges or crowns, you can laugh and smile with confidence and enjoy full bite functionality again with these practical tooth replacements.

How Bridges and Crowns Differ

Both crowns and bridges are effective tooth restorations, but their exact purposes differ. Here are the ways crowns and bridges benefit patients.

Main Perks of Crowns

Dental crowns are perfect for patients who have fractured or decaying teeth. A tooth that is too damaged for fillings can be salvaged with a crown.

To fix an incomplete tooth, your dentist will create a custom crown that mimics the healthy tooth in appearance and function. A crown is a cover that protects a damaged tooth from further breakage and restores bite function, and completes your smile.

Primary Benefits of Bridges

A bridge is ideal for those who have lost single or multiple teeth. As its name suggests, this dental restoration bridges the gap between a patient’s teeth with one or more false teeth. Dental bridges prevent the bone loss that occurs when single or multiple teeth are missing for an extended period.

To create a dental bridge that perfects your smile, your dentist will connect one or more prosthetic teeth to two existing teeth, known as abutment teeth.

Final Thoughts

Both dental bridges and crowns serve as permanent or semi-permanent solutions to tooth damage or loss. These efficient dental restoratives can improve your bite, speech, and confidence in your smile.

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