How are you able to do dental work outside of a dental office setting?

The team at HomeCare Dentists has many years of experience providing dental care in the home environment.  We bring our state of the art dental equipment directly into the residence of our patients.  The appointment takes place in the privacy of their bedroom or common area of their residence.   The dental unit is mounted onto a cart and is rolled into the area where we will be doing treatment.  The dental unit is electric powered with high and slow speed drills, saliva ejector, high volume suction, air/water syringe, a compartment that stores the sterile water for the procedures, a cavitron unit that is used for teeth cleanings,  and a light cure to set our fillings and build ups.  We also bring a hand held dental X-ray gun to take digital images that display and are saved onto a laptop immediately after the image is taken.  All of the dental instruments are sterilized and packaged at the office in San Juan Capistrano and are ready to be used on our patients at the appointment.

Where does the patient lay for the appointment?

Most of our patients lay down in their beds for the appointment.  Many of our patients have a hospital bed which conveniently raises up for the dentist and assistant to have better access.  We are also able to successfully treat our patients in their recliners, wheelchairs, or couches.

I have stairs at my house. Will you be able to bring your dental unit in?

We are able to roll our unit over a portable ramp to bypass 1-2 stairs. 

Do you accept Medicare or Medicaid?

No, we are not providers for Medicare or Medicaid.

Do you accept HMO insurance?

No, we are not contracted with any HMO insurance plans.

Do you accept PPO insurance?

Although we are not contracted with any PPO insurance plans but we do bill the insurance as a courtesy to our patients.