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Bringing Dental Care To Seniors

happy senior smileYour oral health and smile will remain important throughout the years. As people age, they sometimes lose the ability to sustain the kind of commitment to their dental well-being they once exhibited. Poorer health can make it harder to prevent problems for different reasons. One is that a person might find it harder to physically make it to their dental office for an appointment.

HomeCare Dentists specializes in the kind of care that travels to the patient. For many seniors who struggle to visit a dentist’s office, this kind of mobile support will be necessary to sustain good dental health. We can bring our services to private residences, assisted living communities, and more to make sure everyone’s teeth and gums receive the right support. Whether you or a family member is in need of treatment for an active problem or wants to stay consistent with preventive care, we are ready to help!

The Connection Between Oral Health And Senior Health

Chronic health disorders can make oral hygiene more difficult to maintain. For seniors suffering from conditions like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, or have physical problems that limit their mobility or motor skills, good brushing and flossing becomes difficult. Being cut off from dental care at a time when a condition has limited your capacity to provide self-care can have serious consequences. We have experience helping those suffering from these conditions, including conditions such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, to enjoy meaningful smile support.

How Mobile Dentistry Supports Senior Smiles

By providing mobile dental care, we are able to take the kinds of professional oral health services people expect from dental offices directly to them! We are able to go where the patient is and assess their dental well-being, provide restorative dental services, and generally provide quality care. This kind of support helps preserve the bite strength needed for a balanced, nutrient-rich diet, and it can be important to sustaining overall health.

We Also Provide Mobile Dental Services To Senior Living Communities

Our mobile dental care helps seniors who have trouble arranging care at an office to receive the treatment they need to preserve their health. That means supporting people in their homes, but it can also mean bringing care and support to assisted living communities. We can work out an arrangement to visit your facility and provide regular care as well as treatments when the people in your care have active issues that require attention.

HomeCare Dentists Can Help Seniors Schedule And Enjoy Dental Services

Limited mobility and health difficulties can stop people from seeking the dental services they need. Fortunately, the right care can actually be brought to those individuals! For more information on scheduling dental services for your senior, please call HomeCare Dentists at 800-382-3938.