Common Oral Conditions Treated By Our Homebound Care Dentist

Maintaining your oral health as you get older can be a challenge. It can be difficult to visit your dental office on a regular basis, and your risk of developing certain oral diseases can increase as you get older. However, a decline in oral health is not inevitable. With proper care, older adults can keep their smiles in tip-top shape throughout their golden years. In some cases, this may require homebound care for patients who are unable to travel to a dentist’s office.

Oral Diseases Treated In Homebound Care

In providing homebound care, a dentist will treat most of the conditions that would be treated in a dentist’s office. From basic services like cleaning and exams to more involved interventions, such as restorations and gum disease treatment. We also have portable diagnostic equipment to help us determine what types of specific issues you are facing.

Certain conditions are of particular concern in relation to elderly oral health. For example, you face a greater risk of developing gum disease as you get older. Additionally, issues common to older adults, such as dry mouth caused by medications, can contribute to oral diseases. These things are often addressed in homebound care.

Our dentist can also work with caregivers to perform oral hygiene tasks for patients who are unable to do so themselves due to either cognitive or physical limitations.

Benefits Of Oral Health Maintenance Throughout The Lifespan

Elderly oral health is important for a variety of reasons. Although many people think that tooth loss is an inevitable consequence of aging, that’s not true. With proper home and professional care, older adults can keep their biological teeth for their entire lives. When you are able to keep your natural smile, you get benefits beyond your appearance, as well. You are able to retain more chewing function and enjoy a nutritious diet. You’ll also enjoy self-confidence when you smile.

If you or someone you know would benefit from dental care provided in the comfort and convenience of your home, contact our office for more information. Even if you’re unable to leave your home, that doesn’t mean you have to go without professional dental care.

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