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Dental Care For Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease

senior woman smilingA health condition like Alzheimer’s disease can take a significant toll on a person’s life. Mobility and self-care can both suffer as part of the disease’s larger effects on someone who has it. As a result, dental care at home and from the dentist can become more difficult. Oral hygiene and health matter at all ages, and it is important to note that chronic illnesses like Alzheimer’s can make a person more vulnerable to oral health problems. HomeCare Dentists makes professional oral health services available to patients who are limited in their mobility due to Alzheimer’s and other conditions. In doing so, we protect their dental health at a time when complicating factors make them vulnerable to tooth loss, infection, and other threats.

Alzheimer’s And Other Health Conditions Can Affect How People Manage Their Health

The toll of Alzheimer’s disease is considerable. As it progresses, it can strip a person of their agency as it inhibits their mobility, daily routines, and ability to manage their overall health. When Alzheimer’s stops a person from managing their dental health effectively, they can be vulnerable to problems with their appearance and well-being, further complicating an already difficult time in their life.

We Provide Home Dental Services For Patients Affected By Alzheimer’s

Simply put, bringing a person who has Alzheimer’s to the dentist’s office can prove difficult. If travel has become a challenge, you can still make sure your loved one’s oral health needs are being met by scheduling home dental services. We are able to transport everything needed to provide professional treatment to your location, and we can provide everything from general dental exams to restorative care for cavities, tooth loss, and other conditions. Because we are experienced with helping patients impacted by Alzheimer’s, we can shape care around their needs while also providing compassion and respect.

The Connection Between Chronic And Oral Health

Degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s can take away a person’s ability to practice good oral hygiene due to its effect on memory and motor skills. Deteriorating oral health can affect a person’s confidence and smile. It can also impact their general health, as research has linked oral health conditions with general threats, including serious problems like heart disease and respiratory infections. Having dental care that is still available to a homebound patient can help prolong their physical well-being and quality of life.

Talk To HomeCare Dentists About In-House Treatment For A Patient With Alzheimer’s Disease

Our professionals are ready to bring quality dental care to your loved one so that Alzheimer’s does not rob them of their oral health. If you have questions about this service and our experience with serving patients with this condition, please call HomeCare Dentists at (800) 382-3938.