Dental Health for Seniors

Just because a person is in his or her advanced years does not mean that he or she does not require routine dental healthcare. Elderly oral health can swing into a rapid decline when patients cannot attend regular dental appointments. Many times, seniors have special circumstances that prevent them from coming to a dental practice. Fortunately, our homebound care dentist can meet our patients’ elderly dental health needs at the most convenient place: home.

Homebound Care Dentist Provides Senior Care

Our practice takes elderly oral health seriously. Since we are devoted to the wellbeing of our patients, our homebound care dentist brings the dental office to our patients’ homes. Millions of seniors throughout the United States have trouble making their medical and dental appointments due to physical difficulties, disabilities, and transportation problems. By coming to our patients, we can eliminate many of the reasons why seniors struggle to receive the care they require and deserve.

The Unique Health Needs of Seniors

Seniors have unique dental needs. Even if a person is edentulous, he or she should still receive bi-annual cleanings and checkups. There are many oral health issues that a person can develop inside the oral cavity and soft tissue like the gums, linings of lips, and the tongue. For example, a person might be missing all the teeth they once had but this person can still develop periodontal disease and oral cancer.

As we age, our risks for many cancers increases so detecting oral cancer early on is a high priority in our practice. This is one important reason that oral cancer screenings are performed during every dental checkup.

Another oral health matter that seniors face often is the need for restorative dental services. Whether a tooth needs a dental crown or a bridge requires repair, receiving restorative dental work is commonplace among the elderly population.

We strive to provide high quality elderly oral health care in the most convenient setting possible. Contact our team at Homecare Dentists today to reserve an appointment.

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