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Electronic Toothbrush: A Great Weapon Against Plaque Formation

elderly oral healthOne of the best ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy is to use an electronic toothbrush. They provide several advantages over a regular toothbrush and can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease if used regularly and properly. Your dentist can help you decide what kind is best for you.

Advantages of an Electronic Toothbrush

When you brush your teeth, it’s important to be thorough and to apply consistent pressure. It’s also important to be sure you brush your teeth for the recommended two minutes to maximize removal of plaque and to provide sufficient stimulation for your gums. Electronic toothbrushes can help with all these issues, helping you maintain excellent oral health.

Some of the features that make electronic toothbrushes superior to regular brushes include:

  • Consistent speed of brush movement
  • Motion that helps massage and stimulate gums
  • Timer that helps you keep track of time while brushing
  • More thorough overall cleaning

Electronic toothbrushes are also easier to use for those with mobility issues, since the automatic motion of the toothbrush requires less exact maneuvering. Taken together, the consistency of the brush’s action, the extra stimulation to the gums, and the ability to easily time your brushing sessions can make a huge difference in your oral health. With cleaner teeth and healthier gums, your visits to the dentist are sure to be happier.

Choosing an Electronic Toothbrush

A relatively inexpensive, over-the-counter electric toothbrush provides a considerable advantage over a traditional brush. If you’re not sure you will like the change, a brush like this can provide an easy way to test it out. These brushes are usually battery-powered and simple to use. From there, you can graduate to a rechargeable toothbrush so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

Ask your dentist for a recommendation regarding what kind of electronic toothbrush might be best for you. There is a wide variety of brands and styles. Some might be better suited to your particular needs than others.

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