Receive Quality Service with Homebound Dental Care

What do you do if you need to see the dentist but you can’t leave the house? Or if you have a person entrusted to your care who is bed-bound or wheelchair bound? It can be very difficult for the elderly, the disabled, or those with other medical issues to make it to the dentist regularly. For these people, homebound care provides an answer.

What is Homebound Dental Care?

Rather than going to the dentist, homebound care brings the dentist to you. Portable, state-of-the art equipment is transported right to your home, hospital room, or care facility. Whether you’re homebound yourself or are a caretaker for a homebound person, this option can give you flexibility you’ve never experienced before and ensure you or the person you’re responsible for receives the best possible dental care. Services include everything from cleanings to X-rays and even restorations, tooth replacement, and denture care.

Homebound care allows the patient to receive dental care in their own home or, if necessary, in a hospital environment or nursing home. This can be an important option for elderly oral care, since many older people find themselves housebound or even bed-bound. People with other types of medical challenges can also benefit from this kind of care, including patients with mobility issues, extreme anxiety, agoraphobia, and paralysis.

Why is Dental Care So Important?

Dental care is important because you want to keep your teeth healthy, of course, but there are also many other issues that can occur if you don’t take good care of your mouth. For example, the presence of gingivitis and gum disease has been linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. Inflammation in the mouth also seems to affect the occurrence and severity of dementia and Alzheimer’s. So taking care of your mouth can help reduce the risk of many problems associated with old age. With healthy teeth, you can also be sure you maintain a healthy diet. Homebound care means you can maintain your oral health, and so also ensure better overall health regardless of your mobility.

If you are considering homebound care, call our dentist today!

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