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We Can Provide Dentures For Our Patients

happy senior smileTooth loss will impact the life of many seniors. This condition limits what you can eat, puts you at risk for more oral health difficulties, and generally robs you of confidence in the way you look, particularly if you are without a proper restoration. Older individuals who have a hard time visiting the dentist’s office may feel that they have no effective solution for tooth loss. What HomeCare Dentists offers is access to treatment to replace lost teeth with custom dentures from the comfort of your home! By bringing prosthodontic care to our patients, we offer important health and quality of life improvements that previously felt out of reach.

Tooth Loss Presents Serious Quality Of Life Challenges

Just losing one tooth can intrude on your ability to bite, chew, and speak. Unfortunately, many people will lose many as they grow older, with the total loss of upper or lower teeth being a serious issue for seniors. That kind of loss will restrict what you can bite and chew, which means your diet shrinks. You can also experience problems with speaking, and you can experience observable changes in your facial features due to jawbone deterioration.

Living with tooth loss can be frustrating and embarrassing. If you are limited in your ability to leave your home, it can feel as through there is no way to address this problem. Fortunately, prosthodontic treatment can come to you!

Receiving Dentures As Part Of On-Site Care

As part of our commitment to on-site care for our patients, we can come to the site of someone who needs prosthodontic work so that we can provide them with custom dentures. We use the same kinds of materials a fixed dental office relies on to take impressions and measurements so that we can produce dentures that are secure and comfortable. The entire process takes place where our patient is located, with just three to five appointments needed to make sure a permanent and dependable denture is received. We also provide on-site denture cleaning to help keep these restorations in good condition.

Ongoing Services To Protect Dentures And Remaining Teeth

By visiting our patients to bring expert dental care to them, we make it easier to maintain oral health and treat unresolved dental problems, something that leads to more confidence as well as important support for your well-being. We bring personalized, professional services to those who struggle with mobility so that they still enjoy the protection their mouth deserves.

HomeCare Dentists Can Bring Prosthodontic Treatment To Homebound Patients

We can bring prosthodontic treatment to our patients and help them regain full, confident smiles with custom dentures! For more information on how we can work with patients who need dentures in their homes, call HomeCare Dentists of Southern California today at 800-382-3938.