6 Reasons You Could Need a Tooth Extraction

While your dentist will often be able to fix a troublesome tooth, some situations require a tooth extraction. If your tooth has an advanced level of decay or damage, removal may be necessary for your oral health.

Here are the top six reasons you could need an extraction.

1. Advanced Tooth Decay

If you have a tooth with decay that has reached the center pulp, your dentist may recommend an extraction. While minimal damage requires a tooth crown or filling, teeth with advanced decay are best to remove and replace.

2. Tooth Crowding

In preparation for an orthodontic procedure such as braces, you may need a tooth extraction to prevent overcrowding. If your teeth need extra room to realign, removing one or more teeth is essential to improve your smile.

3. Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth extraction can be vital to improving your dental health if they have grown in crooked or lack sufficient space to emerge.

It’s not entirely uncommon for people to have their wisdom teeth removed around age 17 or older. Even if you still have your wisdom teeth later in life, they may begin to cause issues such as pain, infection, or damage to nearby teeth. And your dentist may recommend extraction.

4. Periodontal Disease

Often referred to as gum disease, periodontal disease begins as a gum infection. Untreated, the disease spreads to areas of the mouth that support teeth, including the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament.

If you have severe or advanced periodontal disease, you may require tooth extractions to remove damaged teeth.

5. Tooth Impaction

Wisdom teeth are not the only teeth that can become impacted. Other teeth may grow in impacted, which is when they fail to break through the gums fully or only partially emerge.

Impacted teeth require removal if they become infected or push against surrounding teeth.

6. Injuries Requiring Tooth Extraction

Mouth injuries that involve damage to the root or center of your teeth may make tooth extraction a good solution.

A tooth with a deep fracture or a large piece broken off is a common reason people need tooth extractions. If you have sustained an injury leaving you with one or several damaged and painful teeth, your dentist can extract and replace them with functional artificial alternatives.

When a Tooth Extraction Is Necessary

Undergoing a tooth extraction is a simple process. Your dentist will use local or general anesthesia that will numb the area or allow you to sleep through the event. Simple extractions are the quickest, while surgical extractions require an incision.

After getting a tooth extraction, replacements such as dentures or dental implants are viable options. Schedule an appointment or contact us at HomeCare Dentists today to learn more, especially if you suspect you need a tooth extraction.

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