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Bringing Restorative Dentistry To Your Home

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When someone is faced with limited mobility, this can complicate their ability to visit the dentist, so issues like tooth decay and tooth loss, as well as periodontal disease, can occur. Treatment is crucial for better quality of life and to limit the risk of complications, such as inflammatory illnesses or issues with memory. The team at HomeCare can provide dentistry in-home!

Helping Homebound Patients With Oral Health Issues

Over time, minor oral health issues could progress into severe ones that threaten the stability of the smile, and could be related to inflammatory illnesses such as diabetes and even dementia. For example, lack of cleanings could mean plaque buildup causes cavities and gingivitis, which progresses into infection and gum disease, which in turn lead to tooth loss. When patients are homebound or in assisted living and nursing homes, or hospital settings, this limited mobility can prevent them from attending checkups and cleanings, and obtaining the restorative dentistry necessary to ensure strong and healthy smiles, and better overall health and quality of life too. Which is why in these scenarios, we can help our Southern California patients with portable units!

Our Portable Units

Simply out, we can use our portable units to bring necessary dental care to your loved one’s bedside. From preventive checkups and cleanings to restorative treatments and even adjustments for prosthetics, we can provide the care that senior citizens and those with poor health and mobility need to ensure good oral health and full smiles. With a checkup visit, trained dental experts on our team will carefully examine the smile with digital technology, making a diagnosis with precision and accuracy and creating a treatment plan tailored to your loved one’s unique oral health situation.

Common Restorative Procedures

When a tooth is cracked, chipped, or broken, or has developed tooth decay too severe for a filling, we could cap it with a dental crown. With the same technology and materials available in a dental office setting, we can prepare teeth and place a crown at your loved one’s bedside. We also have composite resin fillings, which are made to treat tooth decay and provide repair for minor damage. These can also be shaded to blend with the teeth, correcting cosmetic imperfections in one visit. For patients with poor moisture control, we can provide glass ionomer fillings that releases fluoride and helps fight against cavities. Our team can also extract teeth and even secure bridges to address minor tooth loss! If you have any questions, contact our team today.

HomeCare Dentists Makes Care Possible for Those with Limited Mobility

If you have a family member who is in assisted living and with limited mobility, we can help! Give us a call today at HomeCare Dentists in San Juan Capistrano at (800) 382-3938.