Offering Dental Care For Patients With Alzheimer’s

When you have a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, these memory issues and related complications could lead to poor oral health, which can in turn exacerbate symptoms. But our team can help those with memory concerns and limited mobility. Your team at HomeCare can see your loved ones with our mobile dental units!

How Dementia Impacts Oral Health

One major danger for oral health is dry mouth. When people have chronic illness, this can lead to lack of saliva that allows harmful oral bacteria to flourish and increase the risk of periodontal disease and decay/infection, causing tooth loss and painful symptoms. Often, the medications to treat chronic issues like dementia can also contribute to dry mouth. People often have a difficult time managing the oral health of their loved ones with memory issues, which leads to complications with brushing and flossing and can increase risks of serious oral health problems. This can also lead to issues with the care of full and partial dentures, leaving them brittle and ill-fitting, which also contributes to worsening oral health.

Help with Our Mobile Units

With our mobile units, we can bring professional dental care to your loved ones at their home or assisted living facility, or even hospital settings. We can conduct cleanings to remove harmful buildup and trapped food and drink particles. Our team can offer care to repair dentures and ensure they fit properly. We can also discuss ways to improve oral hygiene in between our visits, so caregivers know how to limit the risk of worsening oral health before their next checkup appointment with their loved one. We can also offer repair for issues like tooth decay and infection, providing fillings, crowns, and even root canal therapy as needed. We can also discuss deep cleanings to help combat the early stages of gum disease to safeguard the smile’s health and comfort, as well as the stability, as periodontal disease is the largest factor behind adult tooth loss.

Assisting with Daily Care

We talk about how to assist with brushing and flossing, as your loved one may have trouble with dexterity, which limits the ability to complete routine daily tasks like brushing and flossing the teeth. We want your loved ones to enjoy good oral health, avoid discomfort and embarrassment, and maintain their confidence in their smiles. If you have any questions about our mobile units and the care we can offer for patients, then please reach out to our team today.

HomeCare Dentists Makes Care Possible for Patients With Memory Issues

If you have a loved one with limited mobility and memory concerns, talk to our team about treatment! Give us a call today at HomeCare Dentists in San Juan Capistrano at (800) 382-3938.


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